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About Christoffer

A designer focused on graphic design and motion graphics. I have been working as a multidisciplinary designer at F&B Factory since januari 2018.

Before that I was one of the first to graduate as digital designer from YRGO Gothenburg. A 2 year long YH education. Thats the short version about my professional life.

I am a 28 year old man from Sweden, Mölndal. Where I also live together with my significant other Cassandra and my beautiful baby daughter Stella. Who came to this world last April, which means Im pretty new to being a father.

I enjoy to exercise in the gym “theres been pretty few occasions lately though” playing videogames “also not much lately” and relax with my family.

Im a dedicated designer and my work is intertwined to also be my biggest hobby. Check out my Instagram for my personal collection of artwork.