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About Christoffer

A designer focused on graphic design and motion graphics.

Professional Life

Working as a freelance/consultant Graphic designer.

I have worked as a Digital designer for Polestar Performance in their HQ in Gothenburg. Prior to Polestar I worked at F&B Factory as a multidisciplinary designer. And also working as a graphic designer “inhouse” for a young company called Fello.

Before Polestar, F&B Factory and Fello I was one of the first to graduate as digital designer from YRGO Gothenburg. A 2 year long vocational university.

Thats the short version about my professional life.

Personal Life

I am a 28 year old man from Sweden, Mölndal. Where I also live together with my significant other Cassandra and our beautiful baby daughter Stella.

Im a dedicated designer and my work is intertwined to also be my biggest hobby. Check out my Instagram for my personal collection of artwork. I also like to exercise in the gym, playing videogames and to be with my family.

Do you have any questions or just want to get in touch?

Do not hesitate to send me an E-mail or give me a call.